1. Uneven tyre wear

Look out for your tyres balding on either side and scalloping on the tread.

2. Vehicle pulling to one side

Your vehicle’s steering may pull to one side excessively even when driving straight.

3. Shaking and vibration

Vibrations and shuddering can be felt through your steering wheel.

4. Driving discomfort

Stiff neck and sore arms/shoulders from holding your steering wheel off centre for an extended period.

5. Mechanical defects

Wear and movement of your truck’s king pins, spring shackles, tie rod ends, steering box and drag link.

If your fleet is experiencing symptoms of wheel misalignment or if a periodic inspection is due, call Carey Pacific on 07 3715 1300 or email us on info@careyindustrial.com.au to book your wheel alignment today.

We accommodate individual outfits and large fleets, including 4 to 16 tonne trucks, trailers and cranes.

In your one booking with Carey Pacific we can perform:
  • All safety inspections
  • Mechanical vehicle/crane servicing and repairs
  • Wheel alignments