Carey Pacific’s Air Conditioning Service offer includes:

  • Air conditioning system test & check
  • Pollen filter replacement kit

Only $249 plus GST.

We service air conditioning systems for all makes & models of cars, trucks & machines.

Our qualified air conditioner technicians available to work on site, travel charges apply.

Call Carey Pacific on 07 3715 1300 or email us on to book your Air Conditioning Service.

* Air conditioning service offer price excludes GST. Repairs & parts available at additional cost.

COVID19: Top Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Safe to Limit the Spread of Infection Whilst Using Your Vehicle

Your vehicle will be a lifeline during the current Coronavirus pandemic to access &/or provide essential services.

So it’s important to protect yourself, family & staff with strict hygiene practices specifically for your personal/commercial transportation. Here are some top tips to get you started:

  • Regularly clean & disinfect your vehicle’s interior – Door handles, buttons, steering wheels, gear sticks, indicator stalks & touch screens should be wiped thoroughly in your cleaning routine. Also disinfect all these areas before & after each trip, especially if you have passengers.
  • Minimise the time & contact you make when re-fuelling – This includes paying with card to avoid touching coins & notes, keeping social distancing whilst waiting to pay & purchasing a full tank when refuelling to reduce the number of times you frequent petrol stations.
  • Safeguard your air conditioning & use it appropriately – Ensure your air conditioning system is fully operational, maintained & cleaned to create a well-ventilated interior. Your air conditioner setting should be set to external airflow, as opposed to recycled. 

Carey Pacific’s fully qualified vehicle air conditioner technicians can inspect, service & repair your unit to help keep you safe during this uncertain time.

We service air conditioning systems for all makes & models of cars, trucks & machines.

Call 07 3715 1300 to speak with a Carey Pacific technician today.