Carey Pacific is an Approved Inspection Station (AIS) for light vehicles, light trailers, heavy vehicles and heavy trailers.  Our team of service specialists provides you with a one-stop service centre to keep your safety compliance up to date for all your vehicles and vehicle loading equipment, including Roadworthy Certificates and Certificates of  Inspection.

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Whether you have one commercial car that requires a Roadworthy Certificate or a significant fleet of trucks that necessitate a Certificate of Inspection (COI), Carey Pacific can perform the inspection, associated maintenance/repairs and paperwork required to achieve your safety compliance.

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Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised to learn that they can have their truck and loading equipment safety inspections performed in the one booking.  Our Carey Pacific one-stop service centre means we can get your vehicles back on the road faster, saving you time and money.

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If your transport trucks hold Maintenance Management Accreditation as part of the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme, we can plan and implement a scheduled maintenance program in accordance with the regulator’s standards.

In addition to our AIS accreditation, we are also qualified to inspect and certify vehicle modifications for light vehicles and/or heavy vehicles.

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