NS14 Solvent

NS14 SOLVENT – Electrical Safety Solvent

NS14 provides maximum protection when used on electrical equipment. A powerful solvent that penetrates and flushes away all oily, carbon and greasy contaminations quickly and easily.

  • Shows no flash point even at boiling point
  • Plastic Safe
  • Controlled fast drying
  • High Dielectric Strength
  • Safe on most plastics and insulation
  • Disperses water and moisture
  • Has a dielectian strength in excess of 25kv

Sizes available: 5L, 20L, 205L & 1000L.

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NS 14 – Safety Solvent

Formulated to provide the highest degree of performance and safety in the cleaning and degreasing of all electric and precision equipment.

Appearance – A colourless, vaporative solvent with distinctive odour.

Special Note:

NS14 has been developed by Hammersley Laboratories as a “top of the range” industrial safety solvent
and should be used wherever work specifications demand the ultimate in performance and safety.

Product Characteristics:
NS14’s powerful solvent removes and floats away all oily, carbon and greasy contaminations, quickly and completely. Then NS14 air-dries thoroughly, leaving no residue. NS14’s controlled
drying-speed prevents induction of moisture into windings and other electrical components. NS14’s low surface tension penetrates and disperses water pockets and moisture, ensuring clean, dry, ready-to-use components.

Safety Features:
Maximum Flammability Protection
NS 14 has a high flash point. Using tag Closed Cup method NS 14 shows no flash point even at its boiling point. In normal environments NS 14 will not maintain combustion. Thus, this is a true safety solvent.

Low Toxic Values
NS 14 has a maximum allowable concentration (MAC) in air of 500 ppm. This compares favourably with: Carbon Tetrachloride (MAC 25) Trichlorethylene (MAC 100)

Complete Electrical Safety
NS 14 is specially designed to give maximum protection when used on electrical equipment.
NS 14 gives absolute minimum attack on all insulating material.
NS 14 has been tested as having a Dielectric strength in excess of 25 Kv.
NS 14 has been proven safe after 10 days corrosion tests on aluminium, steel, magnesium, tin, zinc,brass and stainless steel.

Although NS 14 is a powerful solvent, many plastics commonly associated with electrical equipment may be cleaned in complete safety. These include: Insulation, Varnish, Teflon, Nylon,
PVC, Bakelite, Phenolic Resin. Some natural and synthetic rubbers which swell on prolonged contact may be wiped clean without damage.

NS 14 may be applied by spray, brush or dip methods. In critical cleaning areas spray application is often preferred. Parts should be flushed until surfaces are cleaned to required degree, then wiped off and air-dried.


  • NS 14 exhibits powerful degreasing properties.
  • Used area should be adequately ventilated.
  • Prolonged exposure to skin of the solvent or its vapour should be avoided.
  • Avoid inhalation of concentrated vapour.
  • Atomisation of solvent into atmosphere should be avoided.


NS16 Solvent Safety Data Sheet