Steel fabrication repair Hook Lift before damage


Carey Pacific provides you with fabrication solutions for repairing your damaged equipment and plant.

In this instance, our client’s hook lift damage was restricted to the male sleeve of the main boom.

We re-fabricated this section by rolling Bisalloy 450 to the OEM profile and welded following manufacturer’s procedures. The original hook and female housing were salvaged.

Steel fabrication repair - after repair


Based on original manufacturing specifications, Carey Pacific can custom fabricate replacement components and accessories for damaged equipment or plant.

After confirming the correct mechanical Bisalloy welding procedure to fabricate the middle section of the main boom, we invited our client to inspect the progress prior to installation.

The owner was very pleased with the workmanship.

Steel fabrication repair - Hook Lift after repair assembly


Carey Pacific can save you money by repairing your damaged equipment and plant.

If our client had chosen to replace the entire hook lift, he would have spent up to five times more than repairing it with our team.

All repairs are subjected to Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) including Magnetic Particle testing.

If you would like to speak with Carey Pacific about your equipment or plant repairs, call 07 3715 1300 or drop into our Service Centre.