Confirmed: Vehicle Loading Crane (VLC) enforcement campaign is ongoing

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) and the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR)’s VLC enforcement campaign was scheduled to wind down in December 2020.

However, Worksafe Queensland have confirmed that the VLC enforcement campaign is ongoing.

The campaign was launched in August 2018, and to date has resulted in 489 statutory notices issued.

Would you VLC pass the safety test?

Would your VLC pass a safety and compliance inspection?

Inspectors are conducting on-road VLC inspections and assessments of VLC-related work systems as part of the ongoing enforcement campaign.

Their safety and compliance focus is on:

  • Checking you have a primary and separate secondary locking device for each stabiliser, with at least one of these locking devices operating automatically (e.g. a spring-operated cam lock and an automatic spring latch)
  • Testing all your locking devices are working with no faults
  • Examining the condition of your stabilisers
  • Ensuring your crane truck is only operated by a competent person(s)
  • If fitted, checking that visual and audible alarms are working
  • Recommending you install visual and audible alarms in your cabin if you don’t already have them

Call Carey Pacific: the VLC safety experts

Don’t run the risk of receiving a compliance notice. Call Carey Pacific on 07 3715 1300 or email to safeguard your vehicle and business today.

Carey Pacific will assist in managing your VLC safety risks and implementing associated safety controls by:

  • Installing a secondary leg locking kit to ensure you have both a spring-operated cam lock and an automatic spring latch fitted to your crane
  • Fitting visual and audible alarms in your cabin, if your VLC doesn’t already have them installed
  • Inspecting & maintaining your crane equipment including stabiliser legs,leg locking devices and alarms for safe operation
  • Completing and filling out your VLC service record/log book to document your risk management practices
  • Inspecting and maintaining your crane’s peripheral equipment, such as slings & lifting gear to ensure that they are safe for use – available on request when booking your annual service
Enforcement campaign details were obtained from WHSQ and DTMR. For further audit details please click here.