2018 saw Workplace Health and Safety Queensland and the Department of Transport and Main Roads launch a campaign to assess the safety measures implemented for vehicle loading crane (VLC) stabilisers.

The audit is in response to several fatalities, serious injuries and extensive property damage occurring when manually-operated stabilisers on vehicles fitted with a VLC have accidentally extended during travel.  For further audit details please click here.

If your VLC was manufactured in 2014 or earlier, Carey Pacific can retrofit a leg-locking safety kit (with an audible alarm in cab) to ensure that your stabiliser legs are securely stowed away.  To minimise your equipment down time, we can fit your leg-locking safety kit at the time of your truck and crane’s annual service.

For VLCs with pre-installed stabiliser locking devices, Carey Pacific can assess the systems state of effectiveness.  This is an imperative exercise as many VLCs in last year’s audit campaign were found to have faulty or damaged locking devices.  Consequently, many of these cases were issued with a statutory notice.

Reduce your stabiliser safety risk and call us on 3715 1300 to book your leg-lock safety installation or inspection.