What You Need to Know 

The Safety Enforcement Campaign includes inspections of VLCs and assessments of work systems to make sure you:

  • Are complying with relevant work health and safety and road safety requirements
  • Have implemented adequate controls to manage the risk of manually operated stabilisers and/or outriggers extending during travel

Enforcement action may include compliance notices and immediately prohibiting use of your VLC until risk controls are implemented.

Your VLC Safety Guidelines

Workplace Health & Safety Queensland (WHSQ) have issued the following advice for your VLC:

  • Have a primary & separate secondary locking device for each stabiliser, with at least one of these locking devices operating automatically (e.g. a spring-operated cam lock and an automatic spring latch)
  • Ensure all your locking devices are working with no faults
  • Have a secondary lock fitted if your VLC only has a primary lock
  • Correctly maintain your stabilisers
  • Ensure your crane truck is only operated by competent persons
  • It is strongly recommended to have visual & audible alarms in the cabin and if installed keep in working order

VLC Enforcement Campaign details were sourced from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.  For further audit details please click here.

Carey Pacific Can Help You Achieve VLC Safety Compliance

  • Installing a secondary leg locking kit to ensure you have both a spring-operated cam lock and an automatic spring latch fitted to your crane
  • Inspecting & maintaining your crane equipment including stabiliser legs & leg locking devices for safe operation
  • Completing and filling out your VLC service record/log book to document your risk management practices
  • Inspecting and maintaining your crane’s peripheral equipment, such as slings & lifting gear to ensure that it is safe for use – available on request when booking your annual service

Call Carey Pacific on 07 3715 1300 or email us here to book your annual crane service, 10 year inspection or leg lock device installation.