Recycling Metal Industries (RMI) carried out research into gaining production improvements within their operation which identified feeding the hopper in their Shear/Baler as a major priority. Working with Pacific Materials Handling (PMH) local technical sales specialists on the application requirements led to placing a factory order for a new 835E Electric Pylon machine. As Carey Industrial is PMH’s Queensland Service dealer, they were engaged to plan, assemble and commission the machine in December 2021.

Introduction to RMI
Established in 1998, RMI has matured into one of the recycling metal market leaders in Queensland. RMI has forged longstanding commercial relationships with international mills and other domestic reputable scrap metal dealers. They pride themselves on trust and accountability with advanced computerised weighing technology, reporting/auditing practices also professional body certifications and membership bodies.

RMI’s reason for installing the Pylon Sennebogen and the goal they set out to achieve?
The last five years have seen a steady increase in the scrap metal market and is forecast to continue its growth due to rising steel prices and a healthy construction industry. To meet growing demand, RMI has focused on increasing its processing capacity and improving operational efficiencies. RMI’s premises expanded into an adjoining property and rearranged its site layout to improve workflows to accommodate the growth in scrap material stock.

As part of RMI’s strategy to improve production, the move to an electric drive Pylon Machine was a major acquisition requiring additional infrastructure and pre-planning to maximise investment. When the Pylon is coupled with their established Sennebogen green fleet of mobile material handlers the operational plan was well on the way to success.

RMI’s challenges to achieve their goal

  • Working around RMI’s busy daily operations to minimise downtimes.
  • Seasonal weather issues including flooding in the yard only in the previous week.
  • Provide engineering solutions to accommodate the Archerfield underfoot conditions.
  • Identifying suppliers capable to handle the installation project.
  • Coordination with all stakeholders, suppliers, and sub-trades including government.
  • Coordination with local airport control in regard to flight paths with large crane lifts.
  • Customised approach to understanding their business e.g., design, build and install peripheral structures in addition to the pylon kit such as walkways, understand their industry requirements, and work irregular hours.

How Carey Industrial provided a solution to RMI’s challenges?

  • Pre-planning meetings with all stakeholders to understand roles ahead of arrival.
  • Willingness to work flexible hours with early morning 3am starts.
  • Leveraging supplier relationships to remove coordination from RMI’s end.
  • Expert product knowledge and technical support on Sennebogen equipment.
  • Exceptional engineering methodology and implementation onsite with issues.
  • Assembling a specialist team with assigned roles including the project manager.
  • Continual consultation on strategy, planning, and reporting checks throughout the process.
  • Proven track record to problem solve/troubleshoot on site without delay.

How RMI achieved its goals using Carey Industrial for this project:

  • Assembled and commissioned ahead of schedule.
  • Fulfilled all WH&S requirements as per industry standards.
  • Lateral thinking/ideas assisted with problem-solving issues unable to be anticipated.
  • Understanding RMI operations and operational requirements.
  • Met all budget and cost requirements for the project.

“I have worked closely with Carey Industrial as part of our national service support network for some time now. Their knowledge, flexibility, expertise, market awareness, and attention to detail have kept Carey Industrial as a preferential service and support provider to Pacific Materials Handling and the first choice for this comprehensive build. The project was managed by Carey on time, within cost, and professionally with a key focus on site safety being adhered to at all times. Pacific as the Australian dealer and distributor of the Sennebogen range of material handling machines among other associated products has a long-standing relationship with Carey Industrial, which we look forward to continuing into the future.”
Neil Adlam, Sales Manager – Pacific Materials Handling