HYVA-Fontaine Fifth Wheel are in high demand according to Daimler Trucks Toowoomba Trucks Specialist Darren Bellamy.

Mr Bellamy says people should buy from Carey Industrial because “the product service and support we have received from them and Hyva-Fontaine is 11 out of 10.”

“At Daimler Trucks Toowoomba we were experiencing a supply issue with fifth wheels via our regular provider, so we went looking for an alternative,” he said.

“That’s how we got a hold of Paul and the guys at Carey Industrial, the south-east Queensland distributor for Hyva-Fontaine Fifth Wheels.

“The Hyva-Fontaine fifth wheel is an exceptional product, accompanied with exceptional service, and exceptional delivery.

“I’ve never experienced this level of service from any other supplier, and I have been selling trucks and heavy vehicles for seven years, across six brands and in three different locations in two different states.

“I would rate my Hyva-Fontaine fifth wheel purchasing experience with Carey Industrial a 6 out of 5 stars. I have recommended Carey Industrial over other companies selling a comparable fifth wheel product and will continue to do so.”

And now is the time to buy before 1 July, which will see an eight per cent price hike across the board.